Information about me:

I hold a Certificate in Mindfulness-based Supervision, after completing a training run by OPAL (Organisations, People and Learning) in Bath. The training is accredited by the UKCP and is informed by mindfulness practice as well as an integrative approach to supervision and psychotherapy. It emphasises the embodied,  social-cultural and transpersonal aspects of being in relationship.


I see good supervision as an essential part of a practitioner’s healthy working life. Most importantly, it is a place where we can bring in our human-ness as practitioners and have this witnessed, valued and supported.

Supervision offers a space for:

Reflection, to create more spaciousness and clarity in our work

Challenge, including working with our ‘edges’ 

Celebrating successes

Personal growth and development

Education and learning

Upholding ethical behaviour.

My personal approach to supervision is based on psychodynamic, integrative, humanistic and transpersonal perspectives.  I also enjoy working with people in an embodied, relational way.