Looking for someone to talk to?

Counselling and Psychotherapy provide an opportunity to talk to someone in complete confidence. The emphasis is on helping you to find your own answers, within a safe and accepting environment.

There is no hard line between the two, but as a rough guide, Counselling can be short term – weeks or months – often with a specific goal. It can also be longer term and more open-ended. The longer you continue, the more you will explore patterns from the past and how they influence you now.

Psychotherapy looks in depth at those underlying patterns and how they are present in your current situation and relationships. A long-term commitment over a number of years is usually needed for working through this process.

I believe that either of these ways of working can help you to develop and live life more fully.

I use Mindfulness to work with people with a range of difficulties, including: anxiety, depression, relationship or family issues, bereavement, difficult childhood experiences, eating disorders, anger, stress, addictions, illness and trauma. 


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